Why Choose JDM?

  1. Our Passion – to serve you in a manner that helps your university or ministry be top of mind with the individuals you seek to reach, and as a result meet your team objectives.
  2. Our Team – Driven to serve you with excellence. We ensure every detail of your order is handled completely and with excellence, because less than that is not acceptable.
  3. Our Resources – Extensive direct-to-factory resources. Our volume has enabled us to develop excellent direct-to-factory contacts, allowing us to provide custom decoration to you that uniquely promotes your brand.
  4. Our Experience - Not all promo is equal. Many promotional efforts fail to create the desired impact. Our team has over 35 years of admissions and ministry experience. We realize that every person, place, and situation is unique. Our team’s desire is to work with you to help you create promotional efforts that have a positive impact.
    • Improve the return on investment (ROI) of your promo.
    • Increase your conversion rate from acceptance to enrollment.
    • Decrease your “summer melt.”
    • Achieve your enrollment projections.

We would count it an honor to be able to serve you! Contact our team at orders@jdmcustomimpressions.com.

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