Case Study: Wine for the Win

25 hours ago

A local winery at their annual fall festival was looking for a way to boost their sales on take-home bottles of wine. So, they gave away the imprinted Winged Corkscrew to anyone who purchased three bo...

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From Zero to Wow: 6 Uniforms That Every Employee Will Love

Jul 25

Have you ever worked at a 9 to 5 job where there is a mandatory uniform? But... this required uniform is old, frumpy, and 100 percent unflattering? We've been there too! There are benefits of uniform...

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Welcome to our improved e-commerce experience!

Jul 22

Get 15% off your web order! How? See details below. At JDM we are constantly seeking out ways to improve your purchasing experience. In the Spring of...

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Tech Spotlight July 15th, 2021

Jul 15

Tech items that will be Valuable Billboards in the Weeks and Months Ahead! Tech items can be excellent billboards for your school! As you know, this generation more than any other is ...

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Drinkware Spotlight July 8th, 2021

Jul 08

Drinkware that will be Valuable Billboards in the Weeks and Months Ahead! This week we are showing off 2 different drinkware items for your consideration. These are two of our favorit...

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Wearables Spotlight July 1st

Jul 01

Something for now and something for later! Check out these fully customizable wearable items that will be favorites for your prospective or accepted stud...

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Jun 24

Allow incoming students to showcase their commitment to your university to each passerby! Our FULL COLOR College Bound Banner will generate excitement ...

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Tech Spotlight June 17th, 2021

Jun 17

Tech items that will be Valuable Billboards in the Weeks and Months Ahead! Tech items can be excellent billboards for your school! As you know, this generation more than any other is ...

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Drinkware Spotlight June 10th, 2021

Jun 10

Drinkware that will be Valuable Billboards in the Weeks and Months Ahead! Are you looking for quality, cost effective giveaways as you head out to promote your school this summer o...

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Wearables Spotlight - June 3rd, 2021 -

Jun 03

Wearables that will be Valuable Billboards in the Weeks and Months Ahead! Before we get to this week’s featured wearables... We want to remind you again briefly about the indus...

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Bags Spot Light - May 27th, 2021 -

May 27

Everyone loves a quality bag. Make yours the one they use everyday! Before we dive in and shine the spot light on some fantastic bags for your consider...

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Tech Spotlight - May 20th, 2021 -

May 20

Tech Items that will be Valuable Billboards in the Weeks and Months Ahead! Do you think tech items can be billboards? Do you think tech items will break your budget if you try to us...

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Water Bottle Spotlight - May 13th, 2021 -

May 13

Water Bottles that will be Valuable Billboards in the Weeks and Months Ahead! No summer product promotional line up is complete without a great water bottle! This week we are showing ...

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Wearables Spotlight - May 6th, 2021 -

May 06

Wearables that will be Valuable Billboards in the Weeks and Months Ahead! Before we get to this week’s featured wearables... Don’t forget to get your t-shirt orders in! W...

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What Can Have a Better ROI Than T-shirts?

Apr 29

A quality drawstring tote that becomes their favorite! We dove in and found some cool drawstring bag options from our website. What better way to show ...

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THIS IS TIME SENSITIVE! HUGE Savings Could Easily be Yours!

Apr 22

We're leveraging supplier specials and a new tool to save YOUR time and money! We know many of you stress over big t-shirt orders this time of year and w...

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Creating a Lasting Impression!

Apr 15

HOW DO YOU MAKE A LASTING IMPRESSION? SELECT THE RIGHT ITEM, FOR THE RIGHT AUDIENCE! We’ve said it before and we’ll continue to say it. Our g...

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Is Promoting Your Brand Antithetical to being Green??

Apr 08

Absolutely Not! As I’m sure you are aware the amount of plastic filling our landfills and now even being disposed into the ocean is expanding a...

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Don't Spend Your Money on Glorified Paint Rags

Mar 31

Keeping Your T-Shirt Billboards Decoration Best Practices Step Two – Know the Ins and Outs of Decoration Imprint Location: There is a ch...

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Are Your T-Shirts Paint Rags?

Mar 24

Paint Rags or Billboards? T-Shirt Best Practices Step One – Knowing the Ins and Outs of T-Shirts T-Shirt Fabric – Is there a preference...

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Mar 18

Allow incoming students to showcase their commitment to your university to each passerby! Our College Bound Banner will generate excitement and a close...

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JDM Featured Items of the Week

Mar 11

Use FEATURE10%OFF online to save 10%. This week we are featuring HOT ITEMS for this summer! These high-quality items are ...

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Featured Promo Items for Key Funnel Milestones

Mar 03

Don’t miss the 10% off coupon for these items! This week we are featuring items that will give you that added WOW factor to keep your university...

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Made in the USA

Feb 23

Response to Increasing Demand Made in China has been the norm for the vast majority of promotional products for decades. In fact, a few years ago findi...

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Not Enough Budget to Reach Top Prospective Students?

Feb 17

--> 3 Keys to Successfully Stretch Your Budget! ...

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How Promo Shortages Will Impact 2021

Feb 11

3 Important keys to beat promo shortages At JDM Custom Impressions, our goal has always been to provide you high quality service and the highest value! As we head into the ...

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Tired of the same old options??

Feb 04

Tired of the same old options?? --> ...

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Who would have guessed? Did you?

Jan 28

What a Difference a Year Can Make! Twelve months ago, we first heard about COVID with no idea of the impact it would have on our lives. Now everyone is looking forward to o...

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Help!! I'm Drowning!!

Jan 15

Help!! I'm Drowning!! --> ...

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We would like to wish you a Wonderful Christmas!

Dec 17, 2020

We would like to wish you a Wonderful Christmas! ...

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Spending Freeze Paralyzed Team Gifts for Christmas?

Dec 09, 2020

Spending Freeze Paralyzed Team Gifts for Christmas? Just receive...

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Is Your Team Overlooking a Critical Ingredient?

Dec 05, 2020

The Ingredient of CARE!! Recruitment can be very stressful. Student projections mus...

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We would like to wish you a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

Nov 24, 2020

We would like to wish you a Wonderful Thanksgiving! ...

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Tapping the Brakes…..

Nov 19, 2020

to Reflect on God’s Goodness! 2020 has taught all of us to be creative, to think out of the box, to pray...

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Scream your appreciation.....

Nov 12, 2020

With Technology!! Tech Items can make an impressive gift for Students who have just been accepted for the fall...

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Cool Weather Warm Up!

Nov 06, 2020

Don’t Miss the HOT Savings!! Comfortable, stylish pullovers are a cool weather must. Pullovers are also a popular item for Teamwear, making th...

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Autumn has arrived and so has .....

Oct 30, 2020

...our annual Beanie Special!! The chill is here. Have you felt it? Depending on your location, the chill in the air m...

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What has 2020 cost your Family, Friends, and Team?

Oct 22, 2020

What has 2020 cost your Family, Friends, and Team? --> ...

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5 Things Promo Companies Won’t Tell You….

Oct 15, 2020

… Because You Would Save Money! 1. Nothing is free. Were you offered...

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Gone in 7 Seconds...

Oct 12, 2020

How much time does it take to undo a negative first impression? More importantly, how much will it cost you to change a negative first impression? The Impact of Initial Impressions ...

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Do You Treat Promo Like Your Retirement Account?

Oct 01, 2020

I have commonly used the phrase “Time is Money” to speed things up, to shorten the time window, but is that always the right interpretation of “Time is Money”? To...

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Kitchen Cabinet Graveyard or Constant Companion?

Sep 25, 2020

Kitchen Cabinet Graveyard or Constant Companion? --> ...

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Accepted Students: How to Keep More than You Lose

Sep 18, 2020

Accepted Students: How to Keep More than You Lose --> ...

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The 5 Ways To Be Tote-ally Different

Sep 10, 2020

How many different bags does a prospective college student use? Not many. So how do you make your drawstring tote become their “go-to” bag? Because if you don&rs...

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The Simple Pen Question Test

Sep 04, 2020

The Simple Pen Question Test --> ...

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Two Quality Promo Shirts You SHOULDN’T Buy!

Aug 28, 2020

Have you ever used Bella Canvas or Next Level as your promo shirts? They are recognized as being some of the best super soft shirts you can buy. Because they are. But… T...

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Did You Pay More for Less??

Aug 12, 2020

Have you ever bought something only to later find something better at a lower price? Have you done this with your promo item purchases? The worst part? You can’t return promo items just bec...

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How to Increase Virtual Campus Registrations & Attendance!

Aug 05, 2020

What would increasing your virtual campus event registrations and attendance do for your college? How would it impact your enrollment numbers, your budget, and the ability to keep staff or hire mor...

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Effectively Market Your Virtual Campus Visit!

Jul 29, 2020

Want $200? Read on to learn how! With the challenges the pandemic has brought, virtual campus visits should be a primary strategy this school year for most. And possibly the pandemic has opened ou...

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Jul 23, 2020

Important Things to Know About Shipping! With campus visits being up in the air – how will you reach out to students? Shipping promotional products will be a key component! But if your ...

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No College Fairs? Less Campus Visits? Do This!!

Jul 15, 2020

“When students can’t come to us, we go to them.” An AVP of Enrollment Management was talking about his fall strategy. He said, if: College fairs are cancelled, and Less stude...

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College Swag for College Fairs

Jul 10, 2020

Inquiries that visit your college should get more expensive swag. They are choosing to spend their time at your school. That’s something. Students at a college fair are something else. S...

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Don't Do This at College Fairs!

Jul 02, 2020

College fairs will likely look different this year. If they even happen. If you go, DON’T: Buy expensive items to give away. Buy a large variety of items to give away. Instead: Purc...

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Jun 24, 2020

Did you ever bite the bottom of your ice cream cone as a kid? I did. It was pretty amazing. I loved the melted ice cream falling out the bottom. But students melting out of the bottom of your fu...

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Why Your Bottom Students Should Be Your Top Priority

Jun 18, 2020

Who are your bottom students? Why should they be your top priority? Your bottom students are: the students at the bottom of your funnel- your accepted and deposited students. the students it h...

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How to be the ONLY College Choice!

Jun 10, 2020

Use Your Prospective Parents’ Biggest Concern To Position Your College As Their ONLY Solution! Being a better option doesn’t help you compete for prospective parents’ attentio...

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3 INCREDIBLY Simple Steps to Recruiting Parents!

Jun 03, 2020

When you win the parents, you’ll win the student. We started the conversation about recruiting parents last week but how do you win parents? You start with 3 incredibly simple steps. ...

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Want More Students?

May 29, 2020

What are you doing to recruit parents? According to the 2019 Parents’ Role in College Planning Report’ by Ruffalo Noel Levitz (RNL) only 50% of parents reported that they received commu...

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How Colleges Just Like You Hit Their Enrollment--- Three Strategies

May 20, 2020

“Sure, we’d love to do that for you. All you have to do is apply first.” Sounds good right? But this response could very well be the problem to your enrollment numbers. Last ...

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Do This ONE THING The Best & Increase Your Enrollment

May 14, 2020

Do you have the latest and greatest amenities at your campus? World-renowned faculty or programs that rank higher than all your competitors? Sports teams with winning records? No? ...

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How To Gain A Positively Unfair Advantage To Enroll More Students

May 07, 2020

Don’t let a spending freeze stop you from reaching and enrolling students! In this quick read, we will share three strategies to help you stand out while other colleges simply stand down. Yo...

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How To Calm Student Fears and Build Their Excitement...

Apr 30, 2020

Calming Fears... Will your faculty, staff, and students NEED to wear masks in the fall? Will they choose to even if it is not required? When you look hard enough and use a little imagination...

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The Perfect Admissions Script Post COVID-19

Apr 23, 2020

Pain Points for Seniors are HUGE, to Win them, we must have solutions! Like no time in your career you will be serving students and families with the biggest pain points they have ever...

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Unforgetable Gifts Setting you apart from the Pack!!!

Apr 17, 2020

Do you want to meet or exceed your enrollment goals? An unforgettable gift can make the difference. Now is the time to “win the heart” of your prospective students. After all, people t...

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Lame or Lit ? What is the Response to your Promo?

Apr 08, 2020

Budgeting Promo As you know all too well, budgeting promo dollars is critical. You don’t have unlimited resources. You have to purchase promo very intentionally. This requires prioritiz...

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Courtship and Admissions???

Apr 02, 2020

Courtship Enhances Funnel Performance When it comes to recruiting students, we suggest you borrow tactics from the dating scene. Intrigued? Read on! As we antic...

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Coronavirus – We are praying for you!

Mar 25, 2020

Praying through the Challenges, Choices and Creativity Challenges As you all know, our passion is to serve Christian universities and ministries. Our hearts ache as we see the hurdles you are fa...

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Paint Shirts or High ROI Billboards? T-Shirt Best Practices Part 2

Mar 18, 2020

mprint Locations: Most realize there is a charge for each location imprinted. Traditional locations are front only and front and back. These two locations each have the same imprint cost per side....

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Paint Shirts or High ROI Billboards? T-Shirt Best Practices Part 1

Mar 13, 2020

Step One – Knowing the Ins and Outs of T-Shirts 100% Cotton, Cotton/Poly Blends, 100% Poly – Is there a preference? In admissions, 100% Cotton is most cost effective With the &lsq...

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Focal Point of the Campus Visit - The Campus Tour!

Mar 04, 2020

The Focal Point of the Campus Visit. The Campus Tour and each of its’ elements, are a critical Admissions tool that if done with excellence can significantly improve matriculation. Student ...

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The Campus Visit – Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

Feb 27, 2020

Campus Visit 4 Areas to go from Ordinary to Extraordinary The importance of the campus visit as we reviewed last week is undeniable. But what are the components? What all is included? Is everyt...

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Campus Visits - What is the Silver Bullet for Admissions??

Feb 20, 2020

What is the Silver Bullet for Admissions?? We at JDM see your pain. Each year you fight, scratch and claw to get enough students to commit for the fall, only to have you sitting on pins and needles K...

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None of us is as smart as all of us.

Jan 30, 2020

It’s a common principle we have all learned from childhood- TEAMWORK. We hear about it in athletics, business, academics. The collaborative effort of a group to achieve a common goal is critical...

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12 Perfect Pediatric Products for Babies

Jul 17

Oh, babies! What a joy to welcome. Bringing a new baby into the world is so exciting (but also stressful and frequently sleepless). New parents know that there’s a lot to procure and prepare bef...

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Case Study: Improve Sales and Traffic

Jul 10

A hotel wanted to promote its amenities to guests in a personable, yet non-intrusive manner. The goal was to encourage guests to utilize hotel amenities instead of going off-site to fulfill their need...

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Case Study: Do a Double Take

Jul 03

Objective: A general contracting company was looking for a fun way to provide "before and after" photos to their clients after a remodeling project was complete. Product: Double-Sided Portrait Fold...

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4 Ways to Improve Communication

Jun 26

Have you ever had this conversation before? Them: "How are you?" You: "Yes." Or have you ever been in a meeting and realized you zoned out halfway through? Or how about when you’re at the mo...

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6 A+ Products for Online Education Courses

Jun 18

Classrooms have looked very different this year. Who agrees? Notebooks have turned into laptops, desks have turned into dining room tables, and students have kept their distance by learning and study...

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10 Tweetable Quotes for Motivation

Jun 11

People love quotes. That’s probably why 30% of retweets on Twitter are quote-related. You can tap into that trend by posting engaging and entertaining quotes on your company’s account. How...

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Cook Up a Storm With These 5 Promotional Products

Jun 04

There are hundreds of cooking gadgets that claim to make people’s lives easier but many of them end up collecting dust in the junk drawer. We’ve found the best and most useful kitchen prod...

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6 Morning Routine Products That Will Wake Anyone Up

May 28

Everyone has their very own personalized morning routine. It doesn't matter if you wake up 3 hours before work or 20 minutes before you have to rush out the door, with Pop-Tart in hand, we all have ou...

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5 Products That will Send you Over the Moon and out of This World

May 21

For the first time since Neil and Buzz took those first steps on July 16th, 1969, there hasn't been a more exciting time for space exploration than right now. Just recently, we landed another rover on...

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Lanyards: Everything You Need to Know

May 13

When it's time to choose the perfect lanyard for your company or organization, you may not be aware of all the things to consider when purchasing your new supplies. Lanyards come in many different sty...

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8 Elegant & Engravable Promotional Products

May 06

The promotional products industry has become so successful for one reason: people like free stuff. It’s true! So, how do you know which of the millions of products you want to be associated with...

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6 Promo Products for the Great Outdoors

Apr 29

A little branding goes a long way with these promo products perfect for the great outdoors! By adding your logo to these six sturdy items, your brand can be seen on hiking trails, huddled around a cam...

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Product Safety: What You Need to Know

Apr 21

No matter what they’re purchasing, no one wants their products to be unsafe – it’s a no-brainer! In the United States, there are several different product safety regulations that pro...

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Case Study: Good Deeds for Kids in Need

Apr 14

Item: Landscape Mesh Tote Purpose: Fundraising Gala gift bag Audience: Kids in Need Foundation supporters The Kids in Need Foundation Gala is one of the organization’s largest fundraising ...

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Case Study: Boosting Trade Show Booth Traffic

Apr 07

The “Golden Lanyard” to Boosting Trade Show Booth Traffic Organization: Health Care Organization Product Featured: Cotton Water Bottle Strap Goal of Promotion: Driving Traffic ...

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7 Promotional Products for Law Firms

Mar 31

If you're in the law business, you know that brand recognition is everything. In fact, repeat clients and referrals are some of the top avenues through which law firms gain business. If you're looking...

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7 Retro Products That Will Turn Back Time

Mar 24

Do you ever have that moment when you look at something and you get an overwhelming surge of nostalgia? Everyone loves a good throwback, especially when it's a cool, vintage product. Below are seven r...

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Case Study: Have a Seat

Mar 16

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread, a non-profit healthcare provider needed additional waiting room seating for their clinics and health centers across the state. As a non-profit, they needed an affordab...

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Case Study: Sharper Students

Mar 09

Description: Pencil Sharpener Industry: Construction What it was purchased for: A shipyard in a major city harbor has advocates who go out to local schools to promote shipbuilding. These advocates n...

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Case Study: Yes, We Can!

Mar 02

Description: Kan-Tastic Industry: Food & Beverage What it was purchased for: Fast-food chain giveaway for college football night. How it was distributed: The vendor handed the Kan-Tastic out at t...

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Case Study: Stick to the Schedule

Feb 23

Industry: Hospitality Personalization: A small sandwich shop wanted to increase their business during lunch hour. Their target market was people who worked near their restaurant. Method of Distribut...

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5 Quick Pick-Me-Ups You Can Send Your Employees at Home Right Now

Feb 16

Show your staff some much needed appreciation while they work from home with these inexpensive and mailable products. While many people are getting used to the “new normal” of working fro...

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Case Study: A Hole in One Promotion

Feb 09

Product: Jumbo Cooler Bag Industry: Agriculture What it was purchased for: These bags were given out to participants in a company golf tournament. How it was distributed: All participants received ...

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Cheers! Let’s Sell More Beer!

Feb 02

Description: Custom Wave Table Tent Industry: Hospitality What it was purchased for: A local brewery wanted an eye-catching promotional item to place on tables that would boost their alcohol sales, ...

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7 Red-Hot Promotional Products for Valentine's Day

Jan 26

Valentine’s Day is typically thought of as a holiday for romantic partners, but they’re not the only people who deserve to get a little love! It’s also a great holiday to show apprec...

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Case Study: A Spoon-taneous Promotion

Jan 18

Description: Spoon Mug Industry: Advertising What it was purchased for: A major coupon distributor was looking for a thank you to give out to advertisers. How it was distributed: The spoon mugs w...

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Case Study: Don't Bottle It Up

Jan 11

An oil & gas company was building employee gift packages that would appeal to their entire workforce during the COVID-19 public health crisis. With employees working both at home and continuing to wor...

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Case Study: It Takes a Village

Jan 04

Objective: A village needed an easy way to let residents know when there were issues with their water meters. They wanted a faster method of communication than mailing letters, and something more di...

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Case Study: These Calendars Aren't Week

Dec 28, 2020

Objective: A local bank wanted a way to thank their new customers with a promotional gift item that would have a high-perceived value. Product: Beach Trifold Calendar Personalization: The bank inc...

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5 Promo Products for the Stay-at-Home Worker

Dec 21, 2020

Working from home has become the norm these days. It’s also becoming increasingly difficult to separate our professional lives from our personal lives. From trying to make deadlines, cooking din...

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Case Study: Success on Campus

Dec 14, 2020

A large university needed a useful tool to promote its school app to students and faculty because it wanted to use the app to communicate important college news and upcoming events. Since most student...

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Case Study: Financial Industry

Dec 06, 2020

Products Javalina® Classic Pen Industry Financial Application Direct Mail A local bank wanted to increase awareness of its low mortgage rates and decided to do a direct mailing t...

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5 Festive Promotional Products for Holiday Parties

Nov 29, 2020

The holidays can get pretty hectic, so it’s always nice to receive some wise advice to help you through the celebrations. Our first piece of advice is to use mistletoe strategically. Your partne...

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6 Promotional Products That Put Safety First

Nov 22, 2020

Whether it’s on a construction site, warehouse, or a laboratory, it’s always important to help your workers stay safe. Encourage your employees to make safe choices all year long with thes...

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Case Study: Wave Hello to Promotions

Nov 15, 2020

Description: Custom Wave Cap Industry: Automotive What it was purchased for: The client was looking for a signature cap that would be unique, high-quality, and something that the recipient would...

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7 Promo Products That Will Get the Party Started

Nov 07, 2020

Do you remember the birthday parties you went to when you were a kid? And the party favors you received at the end of the festivities? Sometimes, those parting gifts were the highlight of the party. B...

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7 Camping Promotional Products for the Great Outdoors

Oct 31, 2020

Whether you’re looking to relax and recharge or seeking adventure, getting out into nature provides everyone some peace and quiet from our regular lives. Help your customers enjoy the great o...

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Case Study: Work it Out!

Oct 24, 2020

A nationwide insurance company shifted their employees out of their field offices to at-home workspaces due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Their HR team was tasked with providing a team appreciation gif...

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8 Dental Products That Will Make You Smile

Oct 16, 2020

Promotional products are great for handing out after patient visits, at conferences and events, or to have available in your reception area. Here are our 8 favorite dental promotional products that he...

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How to Create Buzz Around a Launch With Promo Products

Oct 09, 2020

So, you’re launching a new product or service? Congratulations – what an exciting time for your business! We understand that your next step is to develop your action plan to make this laun...

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5 Ways to Boost Employee Morale

Oct 02, 2020

When it comes to building a successful company culture, maintaining positive employee attitude is key. Not only are happy employees more productive, but your company is also more likely to attract and...

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5 Awesome Recreational Wearables

Sep 25, 2020

Did you know that wearables are the #1 best-received promotional product? Add your logo to these fresh wearables and make your brand a walking advertisement with innumerable impressions all year long!...

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6 Products for the Aspiring Home Chef

Sep 18, 2020

Thanks to innovations like grocery delivery and ready-to-cook meal kits, people are cooking more at home. From the humble peanut butter and jelly sandwich to gourmet dishes and fancy cakes, it takes t...

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9 Promotional Products for Tech Wizards

Sep 10, 2020

Did you know that American consumers own, on average, at least three connected devices? Add your logo to these top tech accessories and your company will become a part of your customers’ daily l...

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Case Study: Info in a Flash

Sep 03, 2020

Item: 8GB Custom USB 2.0 Flash Drive Purpose: Provide information about the school and programs Audience: Students and prospective students A community college was looking for a unique way to di...

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7 Fitness Promotional Products to Help You Stay in Shape

Aug 27, 2020

Exercise is an important part of our overall wellness and many companies are using wellness initiatives to promote healthy choices like regular exercise. Whether your company is encouraging physical f...

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5 Promo Products to Make Your Office Safer for Employees

Aug 20, 2020

As business’ doors open back up and employees step into the office, it’s essential to make sure they feel safe and comfortable as the return to their desks. Whether you own a business that...

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Promotional Golf Products That Are Made in the USA

Aug 11, 2020

These golf-themed promotional products are a hole-in-one! Add your logo to take your company’s golf tournament or event to the next level. Treat golfers to custom golf balls, umbrellas, bag t...

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5 Office Toys That Will Bring Your Brand Joy

Aug 04, 2020

Look around your office and you will probably find that your coworkers’ desktops are riddled with a variety of knick-knacks, toys, puzzles, and stress balls. Office toys are a great way to st...

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Case Study: Hay, Where'd You Get That Tote?

Jul 27, 2020

Description: Large Boat Tote Industry: Sports / Fitness What it was purchased for: Horse show giveaways How it was distributed: A local horse show needed gifts for their major contributors. A VIP...

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Case Study: Jamming Out

Jul 20, 2020

A shopping mall was holding a summer promotion to increase traffic during typically slower months. Visitors to the complex were given a “passport” to take to different stores within the ma...

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Case Study: Fewer Tricks and More Treats: Halloween Safety Lanyard

Jul 13, 2020

Fewer Tricks and More Treats: Halloween Safety Lanyard Organization Insurance Company Product Featured Reflective Lanyard Goal of Promotion Promoting safety on Halloween Description of Case H...

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Your Product Decorating Questions Answered

Jul 06, 2020

You encounter promo products every single day. You hold them, wear them, and maybe even smell them. But, did you know every one of these products goes through an extensive design process, whether that...

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Case Study: Happy to Hang Around

Jun 28, 2020

Description: Standard Door Hangers Industry: Automotive What it was purchased for: A collision center wanted to increase the number of customer satisfaction survey responses and boost online appoint...

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6 Fun Products for Keeping Kids Occupied at Home

Jun 21, 2020

Since the coronavirus outbreak has forced many schools and daycares to close, millions of children are experiencing a major disruption in their daily lives. Parents working from home may be struggling...

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5 Healthy Tips for Business Trips

Jun 14, 2020

So, you’re traveling for work again. There are only 365 days in the year, can you recall how many days you’ve been on the road? It doesn’t matter if you are traveling internationall...

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Case Study: A New Way to Do Cross-Promotions

Jun 07, 2020

Clever Meets Subtle: A New Way to Do Cross-Promotions Organization: Department Store Product Featured: Lanyard with Vinyl Pouch Goal of Promotion: Promoting Store Sales Description of Case His...

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7 Financial Products That Are a Great Investment

May 31, 2020

Finance-themed promotional products are a great marketing investment and help increase brand awareness and customer loyalty. These 7 products can be used as financial seminar gifts, banking giveaways,...

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Corporate Social Responsibility and the Beauty of Giving Back

May 24, 2020

Organizing a fundraising event. Donating food to a local animal shelter. Serving at a soup kitchen. No matter what you do to give back, volunteering feels pretty good, doesn’t it? But it doesn&...

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Case Study: Recycle, Reuse, Read a Book!

May 16, 2020

Product: Non-Woven Shopper Tote Bag Industry: Bookstore What it was purchased for: A large college bookstore wanted to feature a reusable shopping bag for students. The goal was to get the students ...

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Generation Z vs. Millennials: What’s the Difference?

May 09, 2020

We’re all familiar with the stereotypes that characterize the millennial generation- avocado toast, “killing” chain restaurants, and being social media obsessed. But what actually de...

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Case Study: Health & Wellness Spas

May 02, 2020

Products Javalina Jewel® Pen Industry Health & Wellness Spas Application Future Visits A day spa wanted to ensure that its guests always received the royal treatment. To encourage f...

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5 Apps to Take the Grunt Work out of Spring Cleaning

Apr 25, 2020

Spring is here and that means it’s time for spring cleaning. Now is when you should be purging all the junk that has accumulated over the winter, and organize your life so you can have a relaxin...

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Imprint Everything: A Guide to Printing Methods

Apr 18, 2020

Once you’ve found the perfect promotional product for your business or organization, the next step is to emblazon it with your logo or message. Depending on the item, there may be multiple decor...

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Branding 101: What Makes a Brand Powerful

Apr 11, 2020

A powerful brand is more than just a great logo and a mission statement (although those certainly lay the groundwork for any brand.) We live in a time where competition rises up on every corner, and t...

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Why You Should Be Having More Fun at Work

Apr 03, 2020

In the past, the words “work” and “fun” were two very different concepts that could never be caught in the same sentence. The old school rationale taught us that if you are enj...

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Case Study: The Weather is Snow Joke

Mar 27, 2020

Description: Keep Warm Buddy Set Industry: Education What it was purchased for: A local school was looking for a fundraiser item to help older kids raise money for an overnight camping trip. They ...

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How to Juggle Work and Life Balance Like a Boss

Mar 20, 2020

Sometimes life gets hard. You don’t have to work a night shift from Monday to Sunday to agree with that statement. Even the most effortless of jobs, those we believe to have truly mastered, can...

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Case Study: A Prom Ticket Keepsake

Mar 12, 2020

A Prom Ticket Keepsake Organization High School Product Featured Neoprene Bracelet Goal of Promotion Issuing prom tickets Des...

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Case Study: College Fair Giveaway

Mar 05, 2020

Description: 4" Mini Plush Buddies Frog with Shirt Industry: Education What it was purchased for: A community college was looking for a giveaway item to have at their booth for the upcoming college ...

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Case Study: Do the Wave

Feb 27, 2020

Market: School Objective: A school’s athletic program was struggling to pay for recurring expenses. Game attendance had dropped over the previous year, and alumni attendance was weak. The...

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Case Study: Sometimes You Just Need to Vent

Feb 19, 2020

Description: Auto Air Vent Magnetic Phone Mount Industry: Technology What it was purchased for: A technology business was looking for a giveaway item that was unique but also fit within their ...

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Advice for Getting the Most Out of a Business Trip

Feb 12, 2020

Traveling for business can be a hectic experience if you approach your upcoming trip without any preparation. As with everything else in the world, there is an art to getting the most out of business ...

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3 Things Every Busy Professional Needs

Feb 05, 2020

If there’s one thing we never have enough of, it’s time. We haven’t quite figured out a way to freeze time yet, but we have found ways to save it. If you’re a busy professional...

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Top 10 Promotional Product Ideas for the Construction Industry

Jan 29, 2020

Whether you’re working in the construction industry, cater to outdoor enthusiasts, or simply want to lead a company-wide safety session, having an array of timely, yet practical promotional prod...

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Case Study: Thank You for Spooning

Jan 22, 2020

Description: 10 Oz. Aztec Spooner Mug Industry: Advertising / Marketing / Publishing What it was purchased for: A major coupon distributor was looking for a thank you to give out to advertiser...

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9 Useful Apps for Sales & Marketing Professionals

Jan 14, 2020

Your phone’s ringing off the hook. You’ve got three meetings back to back. Emails are piling up in your inbox. And when you have a moment to book your next business trip, you wonder how yo...

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6 Tips on Professionally Reaching New Heights in 2020

Jan 07, 2020

Can you believe 2020 is here? We can’t either! With the new decade beginning, it’s important to take baby steps that will eventually help you reach your professional goals this year. Wheth...

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Case Study: Getting Bent out of Shape for More Business

Dec 31, 2019

Product: Gel Stress Toy Client: Health Food Store What it was purchased for: As a gift to reward customers for spending over a certain amount. Why it worked: The gel stress toy which, unlike the fo...

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6 Promotional Products for Music Lovers

Dec 24, 2019

These promotional products will be music to your ears! There are all kinds of music lovers out there, from fans of rock to jazz and everything in between, that would love to get any of these music-the...

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Case Study: Save the Date, Save the Day

Dec 17, 2019

Description: Trifold Calendars Industry: Banking What it was purchased for: A local bank wanted a way to thank their new customers with a promotional gift item that would have a high perceived value...

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Case Study: Computer Repair At Your Fuzzy Fingertips

Dec 09, 2019

A computer repair store attended a local home show and wanted something useful but unique to attract attendees to their booth. They also wanted something that would keep their name top of mind when th...

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5 Promo Products for People Who Love to Plan

Dec 02, 2019

Calendars, planners, and clocks are some of the most popular promotional products because they are useful, inexpensive, and receive innumerable impressions on a daily basis. Brand these everyday essen...

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6 Ways to Get More Done Every Day

Nov 25, 2019

From the moment you get to work in the morning, you’re probably planning all the things you intend to get done. By the time you head home, you may wonder how the day got away from you! We’...

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6 Snap-Worthy Products for Every Photographer

Nov 18, 2019

Do you know what bokeh means? Aperture? That’s ok if you don’t, but many of your clients may know these terms if they are avid photographers! Whether they enjoy taking a flat lay shot of t...

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5 Ways to Be Healthier in 2 Minutes or Less

Nov 11, 2019

Most people would agree that improving their health is important to them. But when it comes to making big life changes to accommodate a healthier lifestyle, who has the time? While we may not always b...

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How to Gain Inspiration in 5 Minutes

Nov 04, 2019

People demand a lot of creativity from professionals these days. We live in the era of media overload, where viral video marketing and colorful infographics have become accepted means of engaging an a...

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30 Quotes That Will Motivate You to Succeed

Oct 28, 2019

We all want to succeed in business and in life, but sometimes we could use an extra boost of motivation. Some of the most successful people we have ever known have failed many times before succeeding....

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What Millennials Want (And How to Work With Them)

Oct 20, 2019

Many people agree that there is a high demand to diversify the workforce with young specialists bearing fresh ideas and new perspectives. Furthermore, we need to prepare this growing generation for le...

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6 Things You Need on Your Desk

Oct 13, 2019

Most of us spend as much time at our desks as we do in our homes. If that’s the case, we should all put some time and effort into making sure our workspace is as happy and motivating as possible...

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5 Environmentally-Friendly Promotional Products

Oct 06, 2019

How about that Earth, huh? She sure is something. Fortunately, there are plenty of people in the promotional products industry that feel the same way. In fact, we can offer you thousands of products t...

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O Canada! 6 Promotional Products Made in Canada

Sep 29, 2019

From sea to sea, Canada is a large and beautiful country that produces a wide range of products. There are so many Canadian-made products to choose from, but we worked hard to narrow it down to a shor...

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Your Graphic & Web Design Cheat Sheet

Sep 21, 2019

The world of graphic and web design is complicated and there is a lot of terminology out there to learn. To help you out, we’ve put together a cheat sheet with answers to some of the top graphic...

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Case Study: Spec-Tacular Promotions

Sep 14, 2019

Description: CUSTOM Malibu Sunglasses Industry: Food & Beverage What it was purchased for: The end user wanted to give something away at this year’s Spring Break in Jamaica for an MTV event ...

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10 Must-Have Tech Products and Accessories

Sep 07, 2019

If you want to give your brand a modern and fresh new identity try throwing some cutting-edge tech gadgets into your marketing mix. The wave of wireless charging options, portable speakers, and wearab...

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How to Protect Your Business From Hackers

Aug 31, 2019

Business owners have a lot to lose in the event of an unfortunate data breach. From intellectual property to customer lists to bank account numbers, hackers have their eyes set on the most invaluable ...

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Your Brand Is Your Business - Market It!

Aug 24, 2019

As a marketing professional, you understand better than anyone the importance of establishing a distinct brand presence for your company. People gravitate to those they identify with and can trust wit...

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10 Promotional Products for Healthy Living

Aug 16, 2019

We all strive to be our best selves, but sometimes it’s easier said than done. We can all make excuses to make unhealthy choices. Your niece has a birthday and it would seem rude to turn down th...

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Drink It In: 6 Drinkware Products to Quench Your Thirst

Aug 09, 2019

What better way to put your money where your mouth is than to add your logo to some stylish drinkware? We have six unique picks to inspire your next drinkware order! Moscow Mule Gift Set Cheers to...

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6 USA-Made Products Especially for Kids

Aug 02, 2019

Who didn’t enjoy getting to dig through the prize basket after a trip to the dentist or the bank? It’s a fact – children love giveaways. Get your brand, school, or organization in fr...

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Case Study: Brighten Their Day

Jul 26, 2019

A realtor wanted to give a thank-you gift to those who purchased a new home with them. They chose the LED Carbon Fiber Aluminum Flashlight. They printed their logo along with the tagline, "We will bri...

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Perk up Your Promotions With These 6 Coffee Products

Jul 19, 2019

Coffee enthusiasts will love these promotional products that look like they’re straight from the coffee shop! Millions of people drink coffee and tea every day, even multiple times a day which m...

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6 Promotional Products That Put the “Fun” in Fundraiser

Jul 12, 2019

Promotional products can help your fundraising event get donors in the giving spirit and maximize the amount of money you raise for charity. These 6 products for fundraisers show off your charitable c...

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Soak Up The Sun With These 7 Summer Promo Products

Jul 04, 2019

With an array of outdoor events like concerts, company picnics, and festivals on deck this summer, immerse your brand in nights that last forever and days we will be dreaming about long after the sun ...

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Why You Need Promotional Products

Jun 27, 2019

In a world of ever-changing advertisement trends, there is one marketing solution that never grows old – promotional products. Studies show promotional products were ranked as the highest advert...

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