Don't Spend Your Money on Glorified Paint Rags

  • Mar 31, 2021

Keeping Your T-Shirt Billboards 
Decoration Best Practices
Step Two – Know the Ins and Outs of Decoration

Imprint Location:

  • There is a charge for each location imprinted.
  • Locations that can be imprinted are:
    • Front only
    • Back only
    • Front and back
    • Long sleeve imprint (more expensive than front or back).
    • Short sleeve imprint (more expensive than front or back and is more difficult to read).
    • Side of the T-Shirt (harder to read but gives unique look).
  • A small imprint front or back is not any less expensive than a traditional large imprint on either side.
  • Supersize imprints that are 17” to 21” tall can cost more but also add a unique look.

Imprint Color:

  • Every color imprinted adds to the cost of imprinting the total shirt.
  • Pro Tip #1 - reduce the number of colors imprinted by using the shirt color within the design. Therefore, the shirt color is chosen specifically to accomplish this.
  • Pro Tip #2 - reduce the number of imprint colors by using half tones. Example: The shades of purple as shown in SBU's shirt above - a two color imprint Black and Purple (with half tones utilized)

Specialty Print/Ink:

  • Specialty inks can be expensive, but in moderation add a great unique factor!
  • Types of Specialty Prints/Inks are:
    • Glow in the Dark Ink
    • Metallic Ink
    • Puff Ink

Design Creativity:

  • Creativity and uniqueness help move a t-shirt from Paint rag to a Billboard!
  • Often designs ‘remain constant’ due to branding guidelines. Consider student design contests to add additional appeal.
  • Consider a side imprint to be different.
  • Consider an extra-large imprint area.

Cost Saving Tips:

  • A little creativity and outside the box thinking could net you big savings.
  • Utilize the shirt color in the art design to reduce colors imprinted.
  • If you plan two different t-shirts with the same art, imprint them at the same time to increase imprint quantity and lower cost per shirt, regardless of the following:
    • 1 Short sleeve and 1 Long sleeve
    • 1 Traditional short sleeve and one V-neck
    • 1 Shirt of light color and 1 shirt of dark color with different imprint color. (Change of imprint color fee is very minor.)